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Queen City Dry Goods
Racer Jacket Kickstarter
Queen City Dry Goods creates durable, US made leather products by hand in Burlington, VT. They created a kickstarter campaign to raise money for the first production run of their signature waxed canvas Racer Jacket. I was hired to create the mandatory video element that communicates a simple, overall message and excites viewers to support the cause. The campaign was a success, and QCDG exceeded their goal.
Sojourn Bike Tours
Vermont Tour Promo
Sojourn is an award-winning bike tour company based in Charlotte, VT that hosts a variety of tours across the US and Canada. I was hired to create a promo that gives prospective guests a sense of what to look forward to on Sojourn's signature Lake Champlain Valley bike tour.
St. Lawrence University
New Website Homepage Promos
St. Lawrence University is a private Liberal Arts college in Canton, NY. I was hired to create five themed homepage promos in preparation for the school's new website launch. I worked with the marketing department to build an idea of the objectives, and come up with the core themes.
Norwich University
Engineering Program Promos
Norwich University is a private military university in Northfield, VT. I was hired by their marketing department to showcase each of their three engineering majors. Norwich requested the videos be geared towards prospective high school students.
The University of Vermont Foundation
Thank You Donors
The University of Vermont Foundation secures and manages private support for UVM in Burlington, VT. I was hired to create donor thank you videos which were shown at their annual donor appreciation dinners.
Champlain College
New Website Overview • Vimeo Overhaul
Champlain College is a private, co-educational undergraduate college in Burlington, VT. I was hired to create an overview piece of the new site. I also overhauled the school's Vimeo page in preparation for a new website launch. I organized and re-edited Champlain's entire video library and designed thumbnail and titling templates for a congruent video presence moving forward.
WhistlePig Whiskey
Straight Rye Whiskey Promo
WhistlePig is a whiskey distillery in Shoreham, VT. I was hired to shoot and edit a promo that joins their Straight Rye Whiskey with the mood of a Vermont summer. Marketing team Evan Daniel and Ian Durkin produced the project, and Ian created a storyboard concept that was improvised on during the shoot.
Spruce Peak Arts
Perlman Music Program
Spruce Peak Arts is a world class live music and performance arts venue located in Stowe Mountain Resort's alpine village. I was hired to create a piece that shows the values and personality of the program.
Photoshoot Recap Promos
PocketWizard, based in South Burlington, VT, makes the premier flash triggering system for professional photographers the world over. These are recap promos of photoshoots by PocketWizard sponsored photographer Adrien Broom.
Gordon Auchincloss Sculpture
Homepage Promo
Gordon Auchincloss is a sculptor based in Hardwick, VT. I was hired to create a homepage promo that gives an overview of his work.
The State of Vermont
Google Fiber Internet Application
The State of Vermont applied for Google's Fiber to the Home project. Google was to select one place in the country to test their new fiber optic internet network and Vermont wanted to be that place. The client wanted to convey the simplicity and transparency of our local government, meaning Google would have no trouble navigating local laws and regulations.
Stowe Mountain Resort
Powder Day Promo
Stowe Mountain Resort is the premier resort for downhill skiing and riding in the state of Vermont. Their website video gallery highlights unique and memorable days on the hill. I was hired to create this promo of a powder day at Stowe.
Ambition Snowskates
Product Promo Videos
Ambition Snowskates, based in Quebec, is the leading single deck snowskate company. In 2008, owner Alex Blais saw Press Rewind on YouTube and hired me to create their first full length product promo video, 'True Color.' Following True Color, I did two more videos with them: 'Snosk8_aliens' and 'Skrill Clinton'. For each, I did creative direction, filming, editing, design, and coordinating premiere events. These were put on DVDs and packaged with Ambition's products as free promo items. These videos are the teasers, links to the full length versions are below.
  True Color          Snosk8_aliens         Skrill Clinton
Press Rewind
Vermont Snowboard Video
In the winter of 2006-2007, during my freshman year at Champlain College, I set out to make a snowboarding video more thorough and complete than my prior ones. This goal turned into a 100 day project. I filmed with local riders 70 days across Northern Vermont, while editing, design, and premiere setup took another 30 or so. The following October, I organized a premiere event at UVM's CC Theater, and we showed the video to a full house of 300+. This video is the introduction, a link to the full length version is below.
Press Rewind

Burlington Wake Co.
Burlington Wake Co. is a new company in Burlington, VT. In the summer, they host guided wake sport trips. This is an original logo design.
Space Gallery
Logo • Sign • Website
Space Gallery is a working studio and art exhibition space in Burlington, VT. This is an original logo, sign, and website design displaying current, previous, and upcoming exhibits.
VT Tree Service
Logo • Vehicle Graphics • Sign • Hat
VT Tree Service is a new company based in Richmond, VT. They hired me to design a logo, sign, and vehicle graphics for their 3 trucks and trailers.
Rate Your Study Abroad
Web Page Illustrations
Rate Your Study Abroad is an online resource for students to rate, connect and inquire about various study abroad programs around the world. I was hired to create illustrations to spice up their web page content.
Willard & Maple
Magazine Cover
Since 1994, Willard & Maple has been the annual literary and fine art magazine of Champlain College in Burlington, VT. I was hired to design the cover for the fifteenth issue. The requirements were to use the magazine title, subtitle, a provided photo, and render in grayscale.
Key Stone Carvings
Key Stone Carvings is an interior stone design company in Hudson, NH. I was hired to create a classy, strong logo that communicates the quality of their work.
Higher Ground
Show Posters
Higher Ground is the premier live music venue of Burlington, VT. Iskra is a local screen printing operation that has a partnership with Higher Ground wherein they design all show posters for free in exchange for total creative freedom. A setup like that is a designer's dream. Here's some faux show posters.

Cochran's Ski Area
The Dojo Rail Park • Logo • Sign
The Dojo was a community funded rail park at Cochran's Ski Area in Richmond, VT. I approached Cochran's with the idea and managed the project. They requested the features be geared towards beginners so I used a green circle in the logo to get that message across. The rails have since been donated to Bolton Valley Resort.
Designer's Desk
Custom Desk Build
This desk is inspired by the river. It assembles easily, using 1" phillips head screws. It has a power strip mounted along the bottom, making it totally self-contained, with just one plug going to the wall. It has custom mounts on the bottom for the power strip, external hard drive, and headphones. The legs and mounts are made of brushed aluminum.
A Hidden Path
Hilltop Path • Skate Ramp • Snowboard Glades
In 2012, I began making long drives from Burlington out to the remote forest of northern Vermont, up near the Canadian border. This was the start of a personal project that would take five years to complete.

The first two summers were spent digging a path up the hillside which took over 100 log stairs to reach the top of. I realized the next part of the project was too much for one person to handle. Two friends believed in my far-fetched idea and gradually others started to join us. The next three summers we hiked up load after load of lumber with the hope of completing a skate ramp at the top of the hill. My motivation was to create something unique, awe-inspiring, and to do something that had never been done.

This project has always had a no social media policy. I've held it close since the start. That said, noticing the current decay I realized it would be a waste to let all this youthful energy fade away in the forest. I bought a super 8mm camera and we captured the full experience: an early morning in Burlington VT, driving north, and eventually finding a hidden path somewhere way out there where the road ends.

On the other side of the hill, we cleared a swath of glades for snowboarding and added some jumps for airtime.